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Just so you know, I don't hate men. I hate ASSHOLES.

Nothing much
Music: Sarah Brightman - War is Over
State of Mind: Creative
Yay for an on time update~! Nothing real special about this one, but it continues next week.
Em. Not even a background this week. Next week's has a background though! Mrf. I'm tired.
Goodnight and see ya next week!

Sorry for the Late Update
Music: FF6 - Celes's Theme
State of Mind: Sleepy =_=
Sorry about not updating last Thursday like I said I would. I never even got my costume
finished. I am sleepy now. Not much to say about this issue. Enjoy and look for another
update on Saturday night

Music: FF7 - Valley of the Fallen Star
State of Mind: O_o
Okay. Here's the update. Fairly self-explanitory. Next weeks update will post Thursday
night instead of the Saturday, since I'm going out of town for the weekend ( SOLAR:
@ Hard Labor Creek State Park in GA. Check it out!). Other than that, no real news.
Happy gaming and I'm off to go work on my costume! :D

Another Update Complete!
Music: Hibiki - Till the End
State of Mind: Drained
Okay! Another update done. The game this one is based off of is a Squaresoft (when they
were still called that) gem named Rudra no Hihou that sadly never made it here to
America. ;_;. However, there are some translated roms that are lots of fun :D. And so my
humble tribute to the game's awesome word-based battle system (hence the rain of holy poo.
Yay base-level toliet humor!). It's so much fun to play! So, go find yourself a version
and play it! It's worth it! Well that's all from me this week. Please look forward to next
week's strip! Goodnight!

Holy Fuck I'm Not Dead!
Music: Keane - Crystal Ball
State of Mind: FUCKING A!
Sorry for the incredibly lenghty haitus, everyone. I just got my computer working again
thanks to my friend Vaelyn, and I have some comics in the works, so the haitus is no more!
Huzzah! Okay. Now that that's out of the way, please enjoy the coming comics and thanks to
all of you who have stuck with me and sent me wonderful encouraging messages. Also, I'm
cutting off the Lawn Gnome Revolution for right now. It will continue this fall, with
(hopefully!) redrawn comics and maybe some cooler stuff. Oh, and for right now, I'm moving
updates to Saturdays, so look for a new comic in the next week. Off to get more
iced coffee! Chill!

The Saga Begins!
Music: David Usher - Brilliant
State of Mind: Alive!
Okay, here's this weeks comic. More to come, the story's not over. I'm supposed to be doing a
crossover with Andeh over at +Skewed Reality+. :D
It should prove interesting. I also have AWA coming up next month, which I will do Con Reports
for, and then come October I have two trips I'm going on, and then in November, I'm taking
part in NANOWRIMO again. Well. That is all for now. Sorry this issue is a little devoid of
background. I got kind of lazy.

Filler Day!
Music: Abingdon Boys School - Nephilim
State of Mind: ARGH!
Okay, I'm sorry that there is no real comic this week because I drew it was didn't like it
so I'm just going to give you a couple of fillers for this week. You will have a real comic
again next week. I promise. I'm working on them now. The first one here is done by Kirei,
and I can't tell you how many times this has happened (mainly because she's a cake decorator
and does speciality and wedding cakes at home on the side). Tomorrow's is based my playing of
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology (which is random and fun, althought I can't cook worth
half a crap in that game. Sorry about the lack of comic! We have a new arc coming up very soon!

Music: Michiru Yaname - The Tragic Prince (Castlevania SOTN OST)
State of Mind: I wish my days off weren't so short ;_;
I'n not normally I violent person... really.... This turned out less funny than I thought
it would. Not sure why. I know it's a day late, but I didnt' actually get around to the coloring
until last night. Bad me I know. Not much else to say. G'Nyte!

Perfectly Valid
Music: Kerli - Walking on Air
State of Mind: I hate my job.
I really do have a perfectly valid reason for this update being so late. My scanner was acting up
and I just got it working again. Kirei can vouch for me. Also, I should have a special "story"
arc starting sometime next month. I use the word "story" loosely. I do also plan to reconstruct
the whole site with a new layout soon. But not tonight.

Finally Another Update!
Music: David Usher - Life of Bees
State of Mind: The usual
I'm sorry that the con reports took so long. They were supposed to be up sometime last week
but due to events beyond our control, they are finally up today. To see all the updates click
+HERE!+. Then just move forward as needed.
Other than that, there really isn't much going on. I'm very tired now and I need to update
LiD still. Goodnight then.

Back from Con!
Music: David Usher - Black Black Heart 2.0
State of Mind: Oh dear gods the pain
I have laryngistis again. Yes, again. Other than that, there are two new updates, so hit the back
button to see the first update. It all makes more sense if you've played Folklore for the PS3, but
really, how many people actually own one? We do know. Yay. I know that last year at this time, I
had the con reports up, but it will be a bit longer on those. They're a little more extensive this
time. Oh, and also check out our forum for more information about future cons we will be attending.
G'Nyte lovies!

Back from Another Haitus
Music: Fauxliage - Let it Go
State of Mind: Alive, although barely
I'm very sorry that I was away so long, everyone, if anyone is left. I know it's been nearly 3 months since
my last update here, and I'm terribly sorry. I have been dealing with a few personal crises these months
but I'm going to try very hard to get my act together in spite of trying to go back to school to get a
real life. I want to thank everyone who has hung on with me for so long. I love you all. Enjoy the latest

Ah hah!
Music: Rocky Chack - Ringo Biyori (Spice and Wolf OST)
State of Mind: Accomplished!
Amazing. I actually update when I say I'm going to! Unbelievable. This is another Devil May Cry comic, but this one
refers to DMC2, which neither of us like. In fact, we disliked it so much that we returned it the day after
we bought it. Unprecidented for us. We very very rarely find a game that we don't like that much. And so, we
like to pretend that the whole thing never happened. Ignorance is Bliss, afterall.

Hello Again
Music: Third Eye Blind - God of Wine
State of Mind: Caffienated
Sorry for my very long absense, lovely readers. I have returned and on my break have gotten a lot done (although
you won't see that work for a while yet). Today's comic is in honor of the release of Devil May Cry 4 today, and
regales us with a memories from the original DMC. Enjoy.

Back From Novemeber!
Music: Access - Doubt and Trust
State of Mind: Tired, but back in action
Okay! We've finished moving (although not unpacking), and NANOWRIMO has ended, so comics will commence once again!
Please check out the forums regarding a contest that I will be running for the Holiday season!

Another Late Update
Music: Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean
State of Mind: I live!
Yes. Another late comic. Blame the internet (for porn)... I mean... um.... Yeah. Sorry it's a one panel. Next
week I'll do something a little more involved.

OMFG A Comic!
Music: Yoko Ishida - Walking Across in Empty Age
State of Mind: Not Dead
Okay. Getting back in the swing of things. Hope you all enjoy the new comic. This is what happens when girls with wet, white t-shirts go into game stores. OMG a Background!. Perspective!

Dear Lord
Music: Onmyoza - Tanuki Bayashi
State of Mind: ;_;
I know it's been over a month since I updated. I promise that things will get much smoother once I have a new job and once Kirei and I get moved into our new apartment at the end of next month. I've got the next couple of comis almost ready, so steady updates so return this week, but unfortunately, I can't promise much. Please keep reading! Don't give up one me! ;_; You may also notice that today's comic is a cop-out provided by Soozy, who will very shortly be on the cast page.

50th Comic!
Music: D.Grayman - Brightdown
State of Mind: @_@
Sorry for the 3 week haitus everyone, but here's GC's 50th comic. Nothing special. I think I will sleep now and update LiD tomorrow!

Music: Kinya Kotani - Blaze
State of Mind: X_X
Double update, so go back one. Inspired by Jarrod and Fox. Sorry about missing last weekend. Night. *slumps* Also, check out my new Rants page!

On Time!
Music: Kawai Eri - Almateria (TOS OST)
State of Mind: Zonk.
AH! And you thought I wouldn't make it on time! This one's a Resident Evil 4 issue. Kirei is actually the one who plays these games, cause I'm a wimp and start to really freak out, so I just watch her. Even with that, she likes Wesker better, therefore I drew a Kirei-Wesker on the sign. Hence I am Suiren-Leon. Yes. There really should have been a sign like this in that game.

Stupid Songs
Music: Hellogoodbye - Here in your Arms
State of Mind: Cursing Kirei
Another late update. I'm sorry. More shit going on. Blame Kirei for this one. She starting this BLOODY FUCKING song and got it stuck in my head ><.



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