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After a brief moment of thought, I decided to put up a page of all the flames and rants people have sent me for offending them with this comic. There is something delicious about offending someone, I'm just not sure what yet. If you don't like my opinion, either don't read my comic or suck it up. Anyone who decides that it's a good idea to send me hate mail or flames of any sort is going to get posted here. How about that?

From: Rei Recieved: 7/22/2007

Message: And HOW many of you fangirls jack off to Sasuke x Naruto and shitload of others, impossible, yaoi relationships ? >_>

Reply: The point is the double-standard.
Number 1: I'm not a Naruto fan.
Number 2: Don't I sort of lack the physical equipment to 'jack off'?
Number 3: Bite me.

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